Which Video Sells the Most on Kickstarter?

Which Video Sells the Most on Kickstarter?

Humor comes from self-confidence.

I’m often asked what themes sell the most in a video. Short answer: humor.

There is a famous quote from Rita Mae Brown “Humor comes from self-confidence”. The contrary is also true. The less confident you are the more you try to compensate and end up looking stilted and overly professional. The sad consequence is a long line of videos with the speaker looking like a bad imitation of Mark Zuckerberg.

Kickstarter is not pitching to the venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. Besides, humor can help in front of the investor as well. I’ve seen it many times. Check out Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox, you can find his application to the startup accelerator YCombinator on the internet (Google “Drew Houston Dropbox application YCombinator”). The tone is funny and informal and you can read a couple of jokes too.

Go back to LeVar Burton’s video where he enters schools by surprise and enjoys the reactions of the teachers. It’s staged but who cares. It’s funny!

Ok the shock looks staged, still the video is funny. (Image source: Reading Rainbow Kickstarter page)
Ok the shock looks staged, still the video is funny.

Which Video Sells Second Best?

Perhaps humor won’t work for your project, although I doubt it. In this case there will be no ‘second best’ theme. You have to find the theme most appropriate for your project.

However no matter the theme you choose never ever look overly professional. There is a slogan we often repeat in consultancy. It’s “Crowd + funding” not “Crowd funding YOU”. You are either part of the crowd or outside the crowd. In the latter case it’s very unlikely that anybody will care about your project.

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